Data Mining: Why the Gold Rush?

My earlier post introduced the concept of data mining and highlighted some of the domains and applications that have utilized the set of technologies and expertise for their analytical needs.  Many companies are accelerating towards including this toolset as a part of their decision making process.  A casual survey of the current landscape seems to... Continue Reading →

A Play on Words

“I am very interested in telehealth. Is telemedicine the same thing?” “My doctor’s office encourages me to sign up on their patient portal site.  Is that what you’re talking about in your blog?” “Are you also going to talk about telemedicine?” There were many similar questions following my first post last month. The overwhelming response... Continue Reading →

Whose Record is it Anyway?

  Welcome to Health-e Records. I’m Ruthanne Romero, RN, MSN, HCAFA, CPC, a registered nurse at Health Integrity with a specialty in Healthcare Informatics and Health/Public Policy. In the past, medical records were treated like sacred documents that only your medical provider could read or access. During an office visit, you’d try to glance over... Continue Reading →

What is Telehealth?

‘Skip the waiting room with online doctor visits. Sign up and earn rewards.’  This was the message that appeared on my cellphone a few months ago and now once a week since then.  When I first saw it I thought, “Wow! They are getting you at all angles with telehealth.” If you are on any... Continue Reading →

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