Social Value of Online Communities

Social media might be taking precedence in our lives these days, but there is another form of online communication that we used to (and for some of us still) rely on for exchanging knowledge or receiving emotional support from strangers – the online forums or bulletin boards. For example, Stack Overflow features a Q&A platform... Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

Information Technology (IT) implementation in a healthcare setting like a hospital is a complex process. The nature of work in patient care delivery is intrinsically complicated, time-sensitive, and highly uncertain. In order to ensure quality, hospitals adopt rigorous sets of clinical routines that caregivers must engage in as they administer patient care. IT adoption however,... Continue Reading →


When the words anthropology and business are put together, most people might find it hard to draw connections between the two. At least it took me a long time to reconcile the competing logics between them as I was getting a graduate degree in each. My anthropological background makes me sensitive to humanity and the... Continue Reading →

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