Mining Our Way to Improved Healthcare

In my previous posts, I introduced the concept of data mining and related advanced analytical techniques.  I also enumerated some of the reasons why organizations are looking to incorporate these technologies and expertise in their toolset.  In this post, I will describe some of the applications of data mining in the healthcare domain.  The healthcare... Continue Reading →

Data Mining: Why the Gold Rush?

My earlier post introduced the concept of data mining and highlighted some of the domains and applications that have utilized the set of technologies and expertise for their analytical needs.  Many companies are accelerating towards including this toolset as a part of their decision making process.  A casual survey of the current landscape seems to... Continue Reading →

Data Mining Unearthed!

How does your favorite online retailer prompt product suggestion as you shop online?  How do credit card companies target customers with their promotional credit card offers?  The answer to these questions invariably involves a concept known as data mining. When you hear the term data mining, it conjures images of a person sitting in front... Continue Reading →

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