Whose Record is it Anyway?


Welcome to Health-e Records. I’m Ruthanne Romero, RN, MSN, HCAFA, CPC, a registered nurse at Health Integrity with a specialty in Healthcare Informatics and Health/Public Policy. In the past, medical records were treated like sacred documents that only your medical provider could read or access. During an office visit, you’d try to glance over discretely to try and see what was being written about you, turning your eyes quickly so you would not be caught when the provider looked your way.  Thanks to Electronic Health Records (EHR), those days are gone. Your medical record is exactly that; it’s yours. Since it is yours, knowing what is in it is essential.

In addition, as information becomes more portable, and accessibility to that information becomes the norm, the need for protection and uses of the data become a factor. While there are plenty of benefits around the implementation of the electronic health record, there are also potential consequences of which to be mindful. It’s important to be aware of the legislation around both the reasons for the implementation of the EHR and the impact when the rules and regulations are not followed.

Each month I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on aspects of the EHR (not HER like spell check wants) ranging from consumer basics to the importance of the medical record.  We’ll cover the benefits of an EHR, facts & fictions, things to look out for, and a lot more. The best way to care for your health going forward is to know your medical history.”

All of my blog posts will be posted here so check back often!

One thought on “Whose Record is it Anyway?

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  1. I enjoyed the 1st blog post and the blog title. Perhaps, EHR will lead to healthier outcomes? Difficult to measure. My own personal medical experiences include many interactions with electronic health records. From my primary care doctor, who no longer looks at me in the eyes because she is so focused on clicking the radio buttons. To the many patient portals that I navigate. Looking forward to next post!


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